Indigenous Outreach


The Indigenous Outreach spoke is focused on the well-being of Indigenous children, youth and families. The values, traditions, experience and knowledge are recognized and honoured. Indigenous perspectives on well-being, resiliency, healing practices and Indigenous ways of knowing guide service delivery for Indigenous communities, families, children and youth. This spoke will encompass facilitated programs, community and capacity building for working in partnership with local services and agencies to ensure families have access to cultural networks of support that will meet their unique needs.

  • Indigenous Triple P Parenting Program
  • Indigenous Traditional Parenting Program
  • Offer the ASQ & ASQSE screenings
  • Engage families with a strong focus on Indigenous families
  • Connect with culture and resources for language
  • Weekly smudging and Sharing Circles
  • Ceremonies
  • Blackfoot Expedition Program
  • Offer support, advocacy and referrals to other support agencies

The Indigenous Outreach program will engage with Elders to teach through Storytelling and Ceremony. This will support families by building kinship alliance and offering resources within the community.


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