Caregiver Education

To Support Caregivers

This position is focused on promoting the parent-child relationship by encouraging positive parenting practices. Programs that will be offered within this spoke will be evidence based/informed and will support caregiver capacity by increasing their knowledge of development of children and youth while enhancing parental confidence to create a safe,
nurturing and responsive environment.

  • Triple P – this program is designed to offer caregivers simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships. Confidently manage their children’s behavior and prevent problems from developing.
  • Positive Discipline – this program is designed to help caregivers learn to avoid power struggles while helping their children to learn self-control and self-discipline.
  • Kids Have Stress Too! – is a program designed to help caregivers understand and promote effective social and emotional development and stress management strategies with children.
  • Circle of Security – is a program designed to help parents better understand their child’s behavior and needs. It is based on attachment theory and current affective neuroscience.
  • Offer the ASQ & ASQSE screenings

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